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Captain Crunch; The Beacon of Hope

I was beginning to suspect that everything Trader Joe’s touched turned to pure gold, in other words I was beginning to become one of those frighteningly cultish Trader Joe’s fans who seem to shop there everyday, and have started their own blogs dedicated solely to Trader Joe’s products and openings. Fortunately, I will not be heading down that road, as I’ve discovered that this Mango & Apricot Yogurt O’s Cereal is not one of the more delicious things I’ve ever tasted, and in fact ranks fairly close to the bottom.

I’m now intrigued by the silo-shaped Swiss Farm Stores that seem to populate the area, and how good their breakfast is, and will explore that possibility at some future time. Looking at their official webpage, which is basically one long flash cartoon with very little actual information, this has tremendous upside potential.

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