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The Gloaming, or Softly Open our Mouths in the Cold

So I was listening to Hail to the Thief this morning, not because I’m a Radiohead fan, but because they tend to be a perennial punching bag of mine, and it was time for a revisit. Surprisingly, I actually liked the album this time around, but more importantly, the experience reminded me of Stylus Magazine’s incredible Top Ten Pictures of Thom Yorke Looking Pretentious, now lying in sad ruins that only hint at the brilliant material of its heyday. I was unable to track down any archived or cached versions of the page, so I’ve decided to make my own. I’ve attempted to use ten photos not currently found in the ruins of the former page, so really you’re getting thirteen pretentious photos for the price of ten, which was…free, i suppose. In any case, I’m very proud to present:

Top Ten Pictures of Thom Yorke Looking Pretentious











I just can’t make fun of this guy anymore, he’s too cool.
Free free to post any more you find in the comments section, newly added.

And now, some links:

  • World Map of Happiness
  • What, you missed the Deerhoof show at the Cradle, and your hipster friends just found out? Now you can easily fake your innocence.
  • Control your iPod’s functions using this umbrella. Be sure to check out the product page. I really want to kill someone right now.
  • If you hear a great song on the radio but don’t know what it is, you can now use this site to find out. WSRN does not seem to exist, sadly enough, so just call into the studio for that. Alternatively, a user comment notes that:

    Cingular also has a feature in which you can dial 43# (ID#) and hold the phone up to the radio for fifteen seconds and they will text you back with the artist/title info.

  • Now you’ll know exactly how long to boil your eggs. It seems sort of ridiculous, but the more I think about it, the more surprisingly practical it becomes.
  • A new stunt vehicle from the makers of the Segway!
  • If you need a new watch, get a geeked-out one fo sho.
  • Really great photos from the Paping Soapbox Derby. There’s more here as well.
  • I’ve linked to it before, but this is another good time to introduce The Comics Curmudgeon, as today’s post rocks.
  • Rare marine life recently found in the waters off Great Britain.
  • Photos of the old Penn Station where Madison Square Garden stands today. Also, extensive info on lost stations of the London Underground.
  • Maybe it’s my inner geography nerd, but I’ve always been fascinated by territorial disputes among nations, and here’s a list of
    lesser-known but potentially important disputes
    that are currently running.
  • This car looks absolutely stunning. Great show by the way, thanks Colin.