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The End of Harry Potter: Predictions

Disclaimer: Obviously, I haven’t read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet, so what follows are some predictions I’m making on what will happen. I correctly predicted the ending for book 6, so who knows, maybe my strategies and hunches will work again. That said, if you want a clean slate heading into your reading, avoid this post. But if you’re curious and speculative like me, I’d love some feedback. Again, what follows are just predictions, reader discretion advised, so I’m not responsible for totally ruining your appreciation.

I knew Dumbledore was going to die in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince once I took a look at the prominent place he had on the book’s cover. Off the top of my head, every other book in the series features Harry alone, and so Dumbledore’s presence told me that his place was going to be prominent, and given the book’s tone and place in the series, the only logical conclusion would be that he wouldn’t make it to the end. And that turned out to be correct. Continue reading