Overheard on the Trolley Ride Home

A mentally ill janitor:

Wow! Look at you! Look at how beautiful you are! And you! You are beautiful! And…oh my goodness! YOU are such a beautiful woman! And all these couples! So many perfect, beautiful couples! Look at how beautiful you all are! This has been a perfect day! And the Phillies will win the World Series!

And later:

People, listen to me! If you do not have joy in your life..make joy! Make joy! I truly believe in this, I am a very Christian man.

I think he would be very happy to know that after leaving the trolley, I was indeed full of happiness. Honestly and truly.

Footnote – aside from these proclomations, the man tried to engage the woman sitting next to him in conversation, but she seemed absolutely repulsed by him, and refused to even make eye contact with him. She was on her way to the nail salon.


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