Birding with Joanna and her Dad

Definitely the most frustrating part of Finals period is not necessarily the stress and the busyness, but the fact that I have to miss spring migration! Finally, I got a chance to head into the Crum this morning with Joanna and her dad, which was a nice treat. We headed out around 1030 am, which is a bit of a late start for me, but it didn’t matter as we found some great birds!

Alligator Rock was the most productive I’ve ever seen it, as I got great looks at most of my warblers there. On the way down to the creek, a crow raucously attacked a Sharp-shinned Hawk that had strayed into its territory, and the hawk settled into the forest edge by the Science Center parking lot. At the creek itself, I found my very first Spotted Sandpiper for the Crum! The other highlights include several great looks at a Veery, two Great Blue Herons soaring over the meadow and perching together, and getting to share the birds with two other people!

  1. Great Blue Heron – 2, flew over the meadow and settled into a tree. Probably a mated couple.
  2. Turkey Vulture – 1
  3. Sharp-shinned Hawk – 1, behind Science Center
  4. Spotted Sandpiper – 1, new for the Crum! Middle of creek, at upper pipe creek crossing
  5. Mourning Dove – 7
  6. Red-bellied Woodpecker – heard only
  7. Downy Woodpecker – heard only
  8. Hairy Woodpecker – 1, gorgeous male, Hemlock bluffs
  9. Northern Flicker – 4, great looks at several flying birds in the Holly Collection
  10. Eastern Wood-Pewee – 1, sallying at Alligator Rock, caught a yellow butterfly (a sulfur?)
  11. Acadian Flycatcher – 1, upper pipe creek crossing
  12. Blue Jay – heard only
  13. American Crow – several
  14. Tufted Titmouse
  15. Carolina Chickadee
  16. American Robin – innumerable
  17. Wood Thrush – 1, heard only at trestle
  18. Veery – 2, behind Science Center and at Hemlock bluffs, latter calling
  19. Gray Catbird – 1, heard only, across from rhododendrons
  20. Northern Parula – heard only, Alligator Rock and Holly Collection
  21. Chestnut-sided Warbler – possibly heard behind Science Center
  22. Black-throated Blue Warbler – heard only, Alligator Rock and above Holly Collection
  23. Yellow-rumped Warbler – 2, Alligator Rock
  24. Black-throated Green Warbler – several heard, one given great looks at Alligator Rock
  25. Black-and-white Warbler – 1, great looks at Alligator Rock. Still can’t hear these guys.
  26. American Redstart – 1, great looks for Joanna at Alligator Rock.
  27. Ovenbird – 2, below amphitheater
  28. Northern Cardinal – 1 bright male by Lang
  29. White-throated Sparrow – 5 above Holly Collection. Still here?!
  30. Song Sparrow – 6, singing around Crum Meadow
  31. Brown-headed Cowbird – 8 in Crum Meadow, both male and female
  32. Common Grackle – 2 at Holly Collection entrance

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