I Wonder How He Slept That Night

Everything that could possibly be said about last night’s Game 5 of the Cavaliers-Pistons series has already been said by sports writers both amateur and professional across the country. Yet I think we can all agree that it’s still not enough. Last night was one of those transcendent events that lifts sports, in general, from the realm of silly playfulness into the very core of what it means to be Human. Okay, well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I think sports are still inherently pretty ridiculous as a concept, haha. But it’s these kinds of moments that make you forget that!

What you get from moments like these is a glimpse into the extremes of what a human being is capable of, but not in a hey-look-I-can-throw-a-ball-through-a-ring kind of capability; it’s more general than that. Actually, it’s almost the closest we can get to witnessing war first-hand in our suburban American homes these days, with LeBron James as our soldier, vulnerable and human and needing our sympathy, and overcoming tremendous obstacles to singlehandedly dispatch the enemy, in a story that’s almost too awesome to be real at all. Deadspin posted the above photo this morning, and it continues to blow my mind to this very minute. There are five Pistons defenders in the photograph. LeBron James is the only Cavalier. This was the game-winning shot. It encapsulates everything that happened last night, both literally and metaphorically. Then again, if they turned Game 5 into a sports movie, I don’t think I’d like it. It just wouldn’t be the same. ‘Based on a True Story’ absolutely does not compare to the fact that I was there, I saw it, I had no idea what was going to happen next, but What Happened was beyond compare.

I know that I saw the immortal Jordan Flu Game live on tv, as well as his famous final shot to down the Jazz, but I was a little kid back then, and so my memory of those games is extremely fuzzy. Plus, that was almost expected from Jordan at that point in his career, so I don’t remember thinking that his accomplishments were all that amazing at the time. This, then, was quite possibly the most spectacular individual sports achievement that I have witnessed, and can remember vividly. Obviously that’s biased since this happened yesterday, while Jordan had his moment, what, almost nine years ago? When I was only 12 years old? But when I’m 30 years young, I think I might still remember LeBron James knifing through the Detroit defense over and over.

And after all that, wouldn’t it be hilarious of LeBron didn’t have anything left in the tank, and the Pistons won the next two games to win the series? The irony would be incredible. And I can totally see it happening!

In other news, nobody likes the Spurs. Please lose. Thanks. This video continues to crack me up, and also fuel the fury.
Can we at least have a consolation bracket, so we can watch the Suns again?


One response to “I Wonder How He Slept That Night

  1. Yeah, Rog. I was watching the game and repeatedly called out to no one in particular (only one other person in the apartment, anyway), “Oh! What? Oh, my god!” Now, from my point of view, a few years your senior, this was more impressive than anything I saw Jordan do on the level of that James really did it alone. However, Jordan in ’91 in the Finals beats it as a total game performance. And, what takes the cake of any Finals game I’ve seen (missing the great Boston and Laker games) is still the Bulls win over the Suns to win the title in 1993. They squandered a double-digit lead to actually go down by four. Then, in bullet form:
    *Jordan scores
    *Suns choke on superb defense
    *Grant dish to Paxson for the 3.
    *KJ drives and Horace Grant wilsonburgers his shot!

    I know I’ve gotten away from individual performances, but this was the best finals game I ever saw.

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