Ghostride the Whip

Oh man, so I just tried to ghostride the whip in the empty Science Center Parking Lot.

Basically, the car was going a lot faster than I expected, and it was very nearly lost on the steep hill down into the Crum Creek, hahaha. Probably should have kept it in a lower gear.

In any case, I basically stepped out of the car, panicked, and sprinted back in and jammed on the brake, blaring Public Enemy the whole time (probably terrible ghostriding music, but it’s the best I had in the car). So at the time, I was scared out of my wits, but in retrospect, hilarious. Talk about being a clumsy white loser. Well, I guess not white, but you get the idea.

These guys clearly know what they’re doing. At least more so than me.

I was also planning on trying out a fast u-turn as outlined in the Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook, but I completely chickened out because of the failed ghostriding attempt, haha.

My favorite aspect of the wikipedia ghostriding article is the following statement:

In recent events, the concept of ghostriding has been applied to several other types of transportation, with varying degrees of success. Many bay area residents have attempted to ghostride watercrafts including: sea doos, fishing vessels, kayaks, and canoes. For unknown reasons, this ghostriding has been extremely unsuccessful and dangerous. The ghostriding of bicycles, motorcycles, and segways have been reported with success.

(00:29:56) Shaw: i really like the concept of ghostriding a kayak
(00:30:02) Porcaro: haha
(00:30:07) Porcaro: you just start rowing really fast
(00:30:09) Porcaro: then jump out
(00:30:11) Porcaro: and….?
(00:30:24) Shaw: swim for a while? alternate between some different strokes?
(00:30:28) Shaw: then climb back in, i guess?
(00:30:29) Shaw: awesome

We’ll be working out a more serious attempt at this when I get back home. Preferably not with my car this time, haha. Mr. Porcaro and I are currently at work on a ghostriding cd, which may or may not get posted in this space later.

Until then, we’ll ghostride the links:


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